Vanya Agnesandra

Veilid Community Projects


The people of Veilid keep making awesome things - so fast I can barely keep up!

Beginner Guide to Veilid on Linode - Absolutely fantastic and beginner-friendly guide to setting up a node on a linode server. I hear more / similar guides (Cloudformation/Azure) are coming?

Ansible Role - Deploy a node to a debian-based server (or a fleet of servers) via ansible

Run Veilid on Minimal Memory


lpmi-13 has been doing incredible work writing terraform deployment scripts for every cloud provider I’ve heard of, and some I haven’t. Most of these use free-tier resources - by following these guides, you could quickly stand up half a dozen or more Veilid nodes at zero cost to you.

I think the only ones we’re missing are hetzner and cloudflare workers, if that counts lol

If you made / know of something that should be here, ping @Vanya the Archivist on the Veilid discord, or email me at ${Your favorite fall activity} [at]