Vanya Agnesandra


My blog has no navbar.

Navbars answer two questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. Where can I go from here?

Allow me to answer those questions for you:

  1. You are on my blog
  2. You can go wherever the links go

Or, on a more serious note:

  1. There are two indicators of current location
    1. The URL bar. It shows both the blog root url as well as the page shortcode
    2. The post title.
      • I do not want the post title to “stick” to the top of your screen. Screenspace is valuable, and too many sites fill it with banners and headers and ads and popups. I admire other micro-blogs where I only see content as I scroll.
  2. You can go to any related post
    • I anticipate having many unrelated posts. I assume that someone who lands here on a web development post probably isn’t interested in a religion post. Relations happen in-line, as they are mentioned. You can follow the rabbithole immediately and use the back button, or you can ctrl+click to open in a new tab to read it later.
    • The jury is still out on re-stating related pages at the bottom of each page.

I want to write a great volume of tiny posts and articles, and have them link to each other in a giant spiderweb. I want you to be able to get lost in it, like wikipedia.

If I did have a navbar, how should I structure my content? Check out perfect-documentation/access-trees

- Vanya A