Vanya Agnesandra

Learning Things

I would like to learn more about design - or writing, or cooking - and I find nothing quite as frustrating as “Think about X”.

“X” is inevitably some principle. Think about spacing. Think about adjacency. Think about aroma, or presentation.

This is not helpful.

I would like, instead, specific examples. I want good examples and I want bad examples. Evolution has given me a pattern-seeking brain, and so I would like to see the things and find the patterns.

Specificity is difficult. It is the hard problem. When you find specific advice, it is often gold.

Even an enumeration of conventions can be incredibly valuable.

Good Examples

Here is some specific advice I have heard:

Each of these items is specific - they tell you what to do, and when. The “when” is often very constrained - these apply in narrow circumstances - But, with enough of them, you can begin to pull out patterns, and a general sense of the overarching ideas being expressed.

Bad Examples

We don’t always get bad examples.

Sometimes I am lazy and don’t feel like listing them. They are less fun to try and come up with.

Sometimes they are useless. Watching two novices play chess will not help you, if you have already surpassed them.

There are two big ideas here: